Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Option 2 details

We're heading out at 8am tomorrow morning to the Quilcayhuanca Valley. We'll catch a ride to the end of the road where we'll load up the burros with our gear and trek in 5-6 hours to base camp.

The plan is:
Thursday - rest; hiking
Friday - rest; leave late evening for Maparaju
Saturday - summit Maparaju and return to base camp
Sunday - rest
Monday - move to San Juan high camp
Tuesday - summit San Juan and return to bad camp
Wednesday - rest
Thursday - move to Chinchey camp 1
Friday - move to Chinchey camp 2
Saturday - summit Chinchey; return to camp 2 or 1 or hopefully base camp
Sunday - return to base camp or extra day
Monday - return to Huaraz

I doubt I will have cell coverage so expect no updates until we are back in Huaraz.

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